How We Are Different

South Downs Funeral Service is a local, independent and family owned funeral directors.


Our strength is that we are totally committed to providing you with a funeral service that fulfils your wishes, whilst achieving a fitting tribute to the deceased, their beliefs and their life.


There is no reason why the arrangements for a funeral service should be rushed. It is so important to provide those involved with the arrangements for a funeral service, time to reflect upon their decision. We are here to offer that time and support, so you do not feel pressured into making all the decisions immediately.


We respect that you only have one opportunity to create the gift of a funeral service to your loved one. We are here to guide you, support you and advise you on the decisions that need to be made.

We do not see arranging or conducting a funeral service as a commercial or business opportunity, but as a way of supporting you through what is often a very upsetting and distressing time.


We try, wherever possible, to use resources from the local community and encourage a green and environmentally friendly approach.


We Listen

How many times do we all contact a company who appears to care, merely to be put through to a call centre, placed on hold and then lost in their telephone system?

We are proud not to have a call centre. Our 24-hour service is cared for by our local staff, so you will always talk to a real person and not a computer. That person will not rely on a computer to find the information you require. Our staff will ensure that all messages are passed on, so you do not have to worry about asking more than once.

The Funeral Director

When you make the arrangements for a service with South Downs, we will guide you through the decisions that need to be made.

We will take care of any worries, concerns or questions you may have from this moment on.

Invariably either Paul or Paula will also conduct the funeral service on the day of the ceremony. We call this continuity of care: the same person supports you throughout. This way, trust and confidence is built up between you and us, as you do not have to discuss your wishes with many different staff.

A Family Funeral Director For Families

We are not restricted by corporate rules, hence the reason why we can offer the services you require at the charges you can afford.

You may wonder how we provide such a high standard when we charge less than many other funeral homes. The answer is simple: we are a privately owned funeral home with low overheads. We are not committed to providing profits for shareholders or the stock market.

We are, however, committed to providing the highest possible standards to each and every family we care for and support.