Care of the Deceased

At South Downs Funeral Service we believe that the care of the deceased is one of the most important roles we can fulfil for the families we look after.

We consider it our responsibility to care for your loved one from the moment we take them into our care, whether it is from a private home, hospice, nursing home or hospital. Your loved one will then remain in our care at our funeral home in Denmead up to and including the day of the funeral service. If you wish however, we would arrange for your loved one to be returned home in their coffin prior to the day of the funeral service.

Our modern mortuary facilities enable us to care for your loved one for some considerable period of time should a member of the family be away on holiday thus delaying the day and time of the funeral service.

With your consent, we would always wash your loved one and prepare their hair. We can arrange for them to be embalmed should this be appropriate, although we would discuss with you at the time of making the arrangements for the funeral.

We would be very pleased to dress your loved one in their own clothes. We have dressed people in suits, wedding dresses, motorbike leathers and even gardening clothes with mud on the knees. It is important to dress a person in clothes that were unique and personal to them.

If it is your wish to spend time with your loved one, we would place them carefully in the coffin you have chosen and then transfer them from our mortuary area into our chapel or room of contemplation.

Our chapel or room of contemplation has been decorated to provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can spend time with your loved one. The stained glass window was designed to depict the beauty of the South Downs, whilst the two Chesterfield chairs provide a comfortable setting.

Our chapels or contemplation rooms in Denmead and Clanfield are is open without appointment during our normal working hours and by appointment at any other time for which we make a small charge.