Our Staff

The staff within our funeral homes are the most precious asset we have. We only have staff who have a unique ability to understand people and how to talk to them.

We are confident that you will find our staff caring, compassionate, professional and sympathetic. We will be there to help, support and guide you through this upsetting time. You can be confident that we will be there for you and your family.

Paul, the Managing Director of South Downs, explains, ‘I remember Dad talking about his funeral training alongside his training as a plumber. He always referred to the Funeral profession as being very unique as each and every family needed very different help and support.

Paul has spent over 36 years within the Funeral profession and passed his Diploma qualification in 1985. The Diploma is a qualification awarded by the National Association of Funeral Directors and represents the pinnacle of qualifications within the funeral business.

Paul has been a Funeral Director in this area alone for over 22 years now, having worked for the large corporate company Dignity Funerals Limited, known locally as W. Wraight & Son in Emsworth and Carrell’s Funeral Service in Havant for many years. Paul became dismayed with corporate funeral directing as in his opinion, profits were more important than care for the bereaved.

Paul is extremely pleased to provide sound funeral management and leadership for his own business.

Together with Paul is our lady funeral director, Mrs Paula Steenton. Paula has worked in funeral directing for some 18 years or so now. Paula is pleased to work for South Downs Funeral Service to provide the role of lady funeral director which so many families now choose.

Supporting Paul are Mrs Debby Deane and Mrs Linda Anchor at Denmead, Miss Rebecca Cardinal at Clanfield and Mr Tim Coad and Mrs Charmaine Davis at Wickham. A dedicated team of chauffeur bearers provide excellent service on every funeral.