Our Coffin Collection

The choice of a coffin is very personal and unique to each family.

At South Downs Funeral Home we pride ourselves on the quality and standard of the coffins we offer. We source all our coffins and caskets from a company with excellent environmental credentials.


The decision over the style, colour and design of the coffin is extremely important. There may be many considerations, including whether there is a budget involved or the deceased’s personal wishes about the environment.


We offer a range of coffins including veneered woods, solid woods, eco designs and picture coffins. These can all be viewed in our coffin brochure.


All the veneered and solid wood coffins are available in a number of designs. Other stains, finishes and styles are available upon request.


Eco coffins provide a very unique and personalised contribution towards the funeral service. They range from bamboo to wicker and also a pure wool felt coffin based around a cardboard shell.


The picture coffins provide the ultimate in personalisation. Whilst there are many different designs available, a unique bespoke design service can be created with your own photographs.


All our coffins with the exception of the Eco designs are available with either plastic, solid metal or wooden handles, although various regulations regarding cremation may affect this choice.


As an independent funeral home, we are not contracted to any specific coffin manufacturer. Therefore, if there is a personal wish you may have for the coffin design, we will endeavour to provide this for you.


We also care for ashes and provide a choice of caskets and scatter tubes in many different designs.

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Our Coffin Collection