Our Floristry Collection & Donations

A family may choose either floral tributes or donations for the service. It is our privilege to help with either or both.

The decision as to whether there are to be flowers or donations is down to each and every family and we will help and support you with whichever decision you make.

Should a family choose floral tributes, the design of the floral tribute is very personal and can be tailored to the exact wishes of the family. Our florist has worked in the profession for many years. She is a second generation florist and is extremely experienced in the preparation and design of funeral tributes.

We are also able to prepare the garlands for the natural and Eco coffins. These are usually prepared around an ivy base and decorated with colours of your choice.

Whilst our brochure represents many designs, we appreciate that many floral tributes need to be a bespoke design. Our florist would be pleased to visit you at home to discuss your wishes, should they be of a very unique and personal design. We can also manufacture bespoke frames for floral tributes to replicate vehicles, boats, animals and indeed any design that you may wish.

We would be pleased to accommodate your wishes for the floral tributes, thus alleviating any worry you may have over their preparation.

The designs within our brochure are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Please tell us if you would like a specific flower within the tribute and we will do our very best to provide this for you, although seasonal availability may prevent us from doing this in certain circumstances.

Our floral price list is available upon request.


Please click on the image below to see a copy of our Floral Collection.

Floral Collection

Just GivingWhen a family choose to receive donations, we would be pleased to collate them on your behalf. The charity will be of the family’s choice, although it would usually reflect upon the life or beliefs of the deceased.

We can receive donations either in the form of a cheque made payable to the charity or through a ‘Just Giving’ web page specially created by ourselves for the family.

We would normally close the donation fund some four weeks following the funeral service.

We then write to you with the details of those who kindly donated. Any personal messages will also be forwarded on to you.

Should you choose to have a Just Giving page, we will email you a personal link through to you, so as you may in turn forward to friends and family. You can visit the Just Giving page whenever you wish, to see any donations or personal massages that may have been left.

We make no additional charge to take care of the donations on your behalf, as we consider it as part of our professional service to you.