What to do

One of the most important decisions to make, is the choice of which funeral director will take care of your loved one, when the time comes.

roseOur commitment to you, is to care for your loved one as we would care for our own. Very often you will be aware that the time is drawing near when you are about to lose someone. During this time, it can be very helpful to discuss your thoughts, and indeed obtain estimates for a funeral service.

We would be pleased to sit with you and discuss the forthcoming funeral service, the decisions that may need to be made, and even the costs involved. If required, we would confirm this in writing to you, all without any obligation whatsoever.
When time comes, your loved one may pass away in a hospital, a hospice, a care home or a nursing or rest home.

If your loved one passes away in hospital, the nursing staff will arrange for the doctor to complete a death certificate. In larger hospitals this may be completed through a Patients Affairs or Bereavement Services office. It may be necessary to make an appointment to collect the certificate, and perhaps any personal effects that your loved one may have had with them.

If the death occurs in a private home, it could have been necessary for your doctor to visit some days before. You may have had nursing support through this time. When death happens, you will need to contact your doctor who may attend to confirm the death, in the absence of any nursing staff. When you are ready, all you need to do is to call us and we will assume the responsibility of taking your loved one into our care. We provide this service to you each and every day and night of the year. The death certificate will usually be ready to collect at the local health centre after a day or so.

When someone passes away in a hospice, nursing or care home, the nursing staff will call us to take your loved one into our care. Again, this service is provided each and every day and night of the year. It is important to inform the home of your choice of funeral director, so they contact the correct people to take care of your loved one. The death certificate will usually be ready to collect at the local health centre, within a day or so.

We will then need to meet either in our funeral home, or in the privacy of your own home, to discuss the arrangements for the funeral. This meeting may be arranged for the daytime or evening.

We do not use a call centre, nor do we rely on computers to provide information on the funeral services we are taking care of. Your calls will be answered by one of our local staff, who will have full details of all that you will need to know.