Our Heritage

The heritage of South Downs Funeral Service can be traced back to late 1930’s when Paul’s dad worked for a family builder in the village of Princess Risborough in Buckinghamshire.

Paul’s dad left school to become an apprentice plumber at Kibble’s, a family builder in the village. At that time, the local builder often assumed responsibility as the funeral director with the plumbers, bricklayers and carpenters acting as pall bearers.

Over time, Paul’s father became more and more interested in funeral directing. He then married Miss Anne Carpendale in 1962 who also became more interested in funeral arranging.

Paul was born in 1965 and soon after they moved to Maidenhead in Berkshire to run the family firms of F.G. Pymm and G. Hooper in 1967.

Paul joined the firm in 1981 as an apprentice chauffeur bearer. Paul remembers cleaning the vehicles, finishing the coffins and of course, taking care of the deceased.

Paul started studying for his Diploma in Funeral Directing and acquired the qualification in 1985.

Following his dad’s retirement, Paul spent many years in the corporate world of funeral directing until in 2011, he opened South Downs Funeral Service with a close friend.

Today, South Downs Funeral Service is owned entirely by Paul and his family.

Paul has instilled the experience he has gained over the last 36 years into every duty he carries out. Together with Mrs Debby Deane, Revd Tim Coad, Mrs Lyn Anchor, Mrs Paula Steenton, Miss Rebecca Cardinal, Mrs Charmaine Davis and a truly dedicated team of bearers, South Downs Funeral Service provides the highest possible standards and personal care.