Cemetery & Churchyard Regulations

All cemeteries and churchyards throughout the country have rules and regulations regarding the placement of memorials.

The rules and regulations may stipulate what type of material you will be allowed, or the font style and colouring of the lettering. Sizes of memorials are carefully controlled, and will vary depending on which area of the cemetery or churchyard the grave is in.

Many memorials are available in a variety of sizes, so can be created to be in accordance with both the wishes of the family and rules of the cemetery or churchyard.

We are fully conversant with the rules and regulations in our area, and will deal with the completion and submission of the necessary paperwork, to obtain consent from the Authority that looks after the cemetery.


Invariably, this will include a fee that will need to be paid upon submission of the paperwork. We will pay this fee on your behalf, and itemise it on our final account to you, following completion of the work.

We will guide you through the many decisions that need to be made, in order to provide a personalised memorial to your loved one, whilst adhering to all the relevant rules and regulations.