New Memorials

Many important decisions need to be made when creating a new memorial for your loved one.


We offer our time and support to listen to your requirements, and advise you correctly in order to create a unique memorial that reflects on the life of the person who has passed away.

We will advise you on the different types of materials that are available and the various types of lettering that may be suitable for the inscription. Certain materials require less maintenance, whilst other weather with their natural surroundings. The inscription may be created using a variety of techniques, including machine cut, hand cut or sandblast engraving.

When a decision has been made over the design and size of the memorial, and the inscription, we will create a scale drawing that will represent exactly how the headstone will appear when it is finished. This gives the family an opportunity to alter the inscription and layout, if they so wish.

We also ensure that sufficient space is left for a further inscription in the future, if required.

Many headstones can have either a gold or silver vase in their design, or alternatively a separate vase may be ideal for placing flowers, whilst visiting a grave.

The memorial will be fitted in accordance with the latest regulations and fitting statements.