Refurbishment of Existing Memorials

roseOver many years, the weather can take its toll on a memorial. Often, a memorial can become rather dirty or lose its shine, and the inscription can fade becoming very difficult to read.

We are able to refurbish memorials to an extremely high standard. Using varying techniques, the memorial can be cleaned or re-polished dependent on the material, whilst any carvings can be re-cut.

We can either re-cut or merely re-gild or re-paint the existing inscription, dependent on its style and condition.

Following a further bereavement in the family, an additional inscription can be engraved onto an existing memorial, should there be room available. The new inscription font style will be matched to the existing one.

Often, it will be necessary to re-dress the original inscription to ensure that they match perfectly. For example, if we engraved a further inscription in gold leaf, then it would look far cleaner and brighter than the original. In this case, we would suggest that the existing inscription is re-dressed, to ensure there is a good match.

We make no charge to provide a quotation for memorial refurbishment. Please contact us with the details of the grave, and we will inspect the memorial. We will write to you within a few days, with a full itemised report on the work that may be incurred, during the refurbishment process.