The Coroner

In certain instances, H.M. Coroner may be involved with establishing the reasons behind why someone passes away.

Coroner crestThis may include instances of an unexplained or suspicious death, perhaps when the doctor is unable to confirm the cause of death or where the death may have occurred under the effects of anaesthetic or an operation.

If the death occurs in a hospital, the deceased will be moved to the mortuary and the Coroner will be informed by the doctor or Patients Affairs office.

If the death occurs in a private home, hospice, nursing or care home, a contracted funeral director will be called to take the deceased to a local mortuary, with which the Coroner has an arrangement. This will invariably be the local hospital mortuary.
It is important to remember that whilst the Coroner does have a contracted arrangement with a specific funeral director, you can request that we attend and take care of your loved one instead.

The paperwork can be rather complicated when the Coroner is involved. We would suggest that you contact us at the earliest opportunity, so we can support you throughout and guide you appropriately.

In many cases, having the Coroner involved with establishing the reasons behind why your loved one passed away will not delay the funeral service. We would be pleased to sit with you and discuss the forthcoming funeral service, the decisions that may need to be made, and even the costs involved. If required, we would confirm this in writing to you, all without any obligation whatsoever.